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Sharp KnivesHave you ever tried to cut an onion with a dull knife? Did your heart skip a beat when the dull edge slipped off of the papery skin? Most folks take a deep breath and carry on. They’re determined to get the job done. But why?

Sharp knives that can thinly slice a delicate tomato or bite through a crusty loaf of bread are considered unsafe, but a dull knife makes you work harder, push harder, and make extra cuts. A sharp knife won’t slip, and it requires less force to make a good cut the first time.

How do you know if your knife is sharp?

Try slicing a piece of paper. If your knife catches or tears the paper, it’s not sharp. Try slicing an onion – skin and all. If your knife easily catches and glides through the onion skin, it’s sharp.

What if your knife isn’t sharp? We’re so glad you asked. On April 7th, 8th, and 9th, Kitchen & Company and Reading China & Glass will offer free knife sharpening (maximum of two knives) with every canned food donation! We’ll sharpen straight-edge and serrated-edge kitchen knives with the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Knife Sharpener. It’s recommended by Cook’s Illustrated and our coworkers! All food donations will go to each store’s local food bank:Knife Sharpening Event

Reading, PA:  Greater Berks Food Bank

Lancaster, PA: Lancaster County Council of Churches

Christiana, DE: Food Bank of Delaware

Asheville, NC: MANNA Food Bank

Newington, NH:  Seacoast Family Food Pantry

Lewes, DE: Food Bank of Delaware

Mt. Pleasant, SC: Lowcountry Food Bank

Our Store Associates will give you tips on how to help that sharp edge last. We look forward to seeing you there!

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