Dinner in an Instant!

Want dinner on the table quickly? Consider a multicooker! While the term might be unfamiliar, multicookers have been a home chef’s best friend for many years. They are fascinating appliances that can brown, saute, pressure cook, slow cook, and more!

While a great tool for any kitchen, multicookers have recently become very popular among vegetarians and vegans, whose diets often feature grains, legumes, and global flavors. Rather than boiling or simmering for hours to cook beans or develop flavors, a multicooker can do both of those things in a fraction of the time! Helping busy people get healthy, delicious meals on the table faster.

Our favorite multicookers are the Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker and Breville Fast Slow Pro.

The Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker has push button controls for cooking options and programmed settings: Low & High Pressure, Browning, Simmer, Sauté, and Automatic Keep Warm. This model also includes a 99-minute time and LED countdown display.

The Breville Fast Slow Pro has eleven settings so you can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, saute and sear with the press of a button. You can rely on the fully interactive LCD to tell you when it’s building pressure, cooking, and releasing steam.

Whether you’re browning a roast, steaming rice, or slow cooking ribs, your multicooker will be a great addition to your kitchen!