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Guests in the Asheville, NC area are likely well aware of the Vintopia shop within our Kitchen & Company store (we also have one in our Mount Pleasant, SC store), but for those of you who aren’t: Vintopia is home to an extensive assortment of beer and wine from around the globe and around the corner. And who buys all this wine? Emily W. at our Asheville store! Learn a little bit about her below:

Q: Tell us your Kitchen & Company story.
A: I have been working at Kitchen & Company for almost two years now. When I first applied, I had just moved back from NYC and was hoping to work in the wine industry here. Fortunately, I just so happened to walk into our Asheville store when they were looking for a wine shop associate, which was great news. I applied for the job because believe it or not, the wine shop at Kitchen & Company was my favorite wine shop in town. I first started here as a sales associate and worked my way up to a wine buyer, which was a job I always wanted to do, so I feel very lucky.

Q: What is your favorite food to cook?
A: I love making pizzas.

Q: What is your favorite tool in the kitchen?
A: My Breville food processor. This really comes in handy when I am making tomato sauce for spaghetti and pizza.

Q: What is a fun fact no one would typically know about you?
A: I come from a family of ten kids, and I am kid number nine.

Q: If you could have any person over for dinner, who would it be and what would you cook for them?
A: I would have my favorite food author Anthony Bourdain over for dinner and definitely cook something Italian since that is my specialty — and well, he is a critic.

Q: Tell us about your favorite guest interaction.
A: Whenever I recommend wines to one of my weekly regulars, she never fails to give me a call the next day to tell me how much she enjoyed the wine I picked. This guest also bakes the best cookies (from scratch) that I have ever had! She makes sure to bring me some every time she stops by. She always make my day, as do all my regulars.

Looking for a wine to pair with your menu? Picking out a bottle to give as a gift? Just curious to know more about wine? Stop by our Asheville store and ask for Emily!

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