Crunch on Some Kale!

Kale is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, dietary fiber, calcium and folic acid. You know, all the things your body should be getting but we often make up an excuse as to why we can’t. So how can you get them but still feel like you’re munching on some crunchy potato chips? Kale chips! This delicious alternative can be relatively costly, or you can start making them at home.

Our favorite (and probably simplest recipe) for Kale Chips doesn’t require much! Start by heading to your local farmer’s market and grab some kale (ok, grab some extra because after you try these you’ll want to make more and more and more!). Wash & remove the stems. It’s not always simple so we recommend using the Chef’n Loose Leaf Kale Stripper as it can literally remove the stems in seconds!

Gently pat the kale dry and brush the leaves lightly with olive oil and spices. Adding too much oil will make for longer drying times! For this recipe, our spice of choice is ChickRub! Massage the leaves to ensure even coating and break up any lumps of seasoning.

Kale in the Dehydrator

Next you’ll want to tear the kale leaves in 2-3″ wide pieces for quicker drying time. Set your dehydrator to 135* F and spread the pieces around the dehydrator tray. In 2-6 hours, your crunchy kale chips will be ready to enjoy!

Let kale chips be the first thing you start making on your dehydrator. Throughout various seasons, you’ll find fruits to to dry out and enjoy!

Healthy Snacking!