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Beaten Biscuits 3

A Hometown Recipe I was born on Maryland soil. As were my father, my mother, my grandparents and all of my great grandparents. That’s as far back as I know for certain, but my father’s side arrived on the eastern shore of Maryland around 1700. My children were born on Maryland soil as […]

Kitchen & Company's Super Dip Off

Super Dip Off Photo Contest

When you come in to Kitchen & Company to pick up a last minute prep tool or long-dreamed-of small appliance, we’ll ask what you’re making and fall, very happily, into a passionate conversation about your upcoming dinner party or your dream of recreating your grandmother’s pie crust (but with the […]

What Guest Service Means to Us

While you are more than likely familiar with our online store, our physical stores are where we really shine — supplying the best selection and top quality guest service. To us, guest service isn’t just answering your questions and meeting you at the check out. We are trained, eager to help, and deeply passionate about […]