Kitchen & Company at Oktoberfest

Kitchen & Company at Oktoberfest

Coworkers Mike (left) and Glenn (right) celebrating their trip to Oktoberfest.

Cheers! This month, two Kitchen & Company coworkers had the chance to travel to Munich, Germany for a special trip – a German cooking school experience, a tour of the Wüsthof factory and a visit to Oktoberfest!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Mike and Glenn, who toured the factory with Harald Wüsthof and Viola Wüsthof during their visit. If that wasn’t exciting enough, they then had the chance to cook rich, signature German dishes – an authentic experience that you can’t find anywhere else. They both capped off their trip with a visit to the world’s largest public festival, Oktoberfest!

Glenn and Mike will be recounting their experience soon, but for now, enjoy these photos from their trip. Thank you to Wüsthof for this great experience!


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